Generally speaking there is a profusion of percussion  than other varieties in Kerala. It seems that people ofKerala have a special affinity towards instruments
of percussion varietywhich is evidently seen during temple festivals of
Kerala. Ensembleslike Panchavadyam and Tayambaka usually draws a hug
e crowd.

Some of the instruments used for accompanying a rituals are


Idakka, Timila, Maddalam, Maram, Chenda, Kombu, Kuz
hal, Chengila,Ilathalam, Sankhu etc. All these instruments are ha
ndled with greatcare and divinity. Another important instrument use
d to accompany the temple art forms like Koothu and Koodiyattam is Miz
havu. There are stringed instruments which belong to the folk-ritua
l variety likeNandurni, Onavilu, Pulluvaveena and vina.
The studies of these  are done extensive
ly in this chapterby categorising how to get an emotional support animal them to four.
1. Drums or Avanadha Vadyam – Idaikka, Timila, M
Mizhavu, Maram and Chenda.
2. Gongs – chengila, ilatalam and kuzhitalam
3. Wind instruments or Sushira Vadyam – Sankhu, ku
rumkuzhal and
4. Stringed instruments or Tata Vadyam- Nandurni
, Onavillu and
 Pani or
Parusha Vadyam and Idakka Kooru and Aghosha Vadyam
performed within the outer wall, for instance Chend
a Melam,
Panchavadyam and Thayambaka etc.
and around the Srikovil and always performed within
the temple
precinct. only created to
serve the function’ and ‘exclusively presented to t
he main Goddesses
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